Estate Planning with Bitcoin and Other Digital Assets

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Litecoin. Dogecoin. Bytecoin. Altcoins. Asset-tokens. These are all digital assets, also known as cryptocurrency, and they’re a developing medium for exchanging value. As an Ohio estate planning and probate attorney, I’m not g… Read More
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How to Protect Inheritance Money During Divorce in Ohio

You’ve been diligent about your estate planning, and left a sizable chunk of your estate to one of your children. But what happens if your child receives an inheritance, then gets divorced? Will part of the inheritance money go to your child’s… Read More
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Do I Need a Revocable Trust as Part of my Ohio Estate Plan?

How do you determine whether you need a revocable trust? A revocable trust is distinguished by the fact that it can be changed or even cancelled by the trust-maker, at any time. A trust also offers flexibility because the trust-maker can choose to tr… Read More
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Marital Trusts: Protecting Your Legacy & Providing a Stable Financial Future for People You Love

A properly crafted estate planning strategy has two primary components. First, you want to protect your legacy by making sure that your family will be provided for after your death. Second, you want to minimize the amount of taxes you need to pay.… Read More
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Medical Marijuana in Ohio Edging Closer to Reality

Medical marijuana is coming to Ohio. House Bill 523 went into effect on September 8, 2016, and allows Ohioans to legally purchase medical marijuana, as long as they meet certain medical conditions, and receive a doctor’s recommendation. When it… Read More
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Who Can Be a Legal Guardian in Ohio?

When a person cannot manage their day-to-day life or their personal or financial affairs, a Guardianship may be necessary. A Guardianship may be required for people under the age of 18, or for people who are incapacitated or otherwise disabled and u… Read More
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How Can I Avoid Probate in Ohio?

Before we discuss how to avoid probate in Ohio, we should begin by asking why people want to avoid probate ... Read More
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Ohio Bitcoin Attorney

Bitcoins are accepted at Wolfe Legal Services according to the market price Read More
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Seal a CSPO & CPO Protection Order

It is extra important for foreigners who are accused in a CSPO to vigorously defend. Foreign citizens should hire an attorney to seek the removal of the data from NCIC so that they are not denied entry to the Untied States. Read More
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Do I Need an Irrevocable Trust?

A trust is a legal agreement that involves three people: the trust-maker, the trustee, and the beneficiaries. There are many types of trust agreement which vary depending on whether the trust-maker can change the terms of the trust, and whether the t… Read More
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