Anti-Gay Importuning Law of Akron, Ohio

Anti-Gay Importuning Law states that in Akron, Ohio, it is a misdemeanor of the first degree for gay people to solicit straight people. Read More
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Ohio's New Expungement Law

A person with two felony convictions can apply after four years. If convicted of three, four, or five felonies, the person must wait 5 years. Another change under Ohio's new Expungement Law is that a person can apply to seal an unlimited number o… Read More
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Can I Travel with Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is currently legal in more than half of the United States, including Ohio, while recreational marijuana has been legalized in a select few. People who use marijuana – for medical purposes or otherwise – often ask “Can… Read More
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Seal a CSPO & CPO Protection Order

It is extra important for foreigners who are accused in a CSPO to vigorously defend. Foreign citizens should hire an attorney to seek the removal of the data from NCIC so that they are not denied entry to the Untied States. Read More
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Drug Testing: The Eyes Have It

Here's how the pupillometer works for drug testing. First, a baseline reading is done while a person is sober. This is stored for later comparison for when they are suspected of substance abuse. Read More
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Ohio OVI: Police are Drug Experts

With a new Ohio OVI supreme court ruling in effect, the police get more power. The testimony of one officer is now enough evidence in an Ohio OVI case to reach a guilty verdict. Read More
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Can I Legally Drive on Weed in Ohio?

Many supporters of marijuana legalization and consumers of marijuana believe that driving while high on weed is safer than driving while under the influence of alcohol. And they may have a point. Driving while high may not be as dangerous as driving… Read More
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Upper Arlington Mayors Court

A Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney can help you obtain a good outcome in Upper Arlington Mayors Court. Never plead guilty without getting advice from a lawyer, because a conviction can stay on your record for life. Read More
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New Albany Mayors Court

A Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney can help you get a good plea deal in New Albany Mayors Court Read More
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Medical Marijuana in Ohio

How can you get medical marijuana in Ohio? The law is still unclear and the rules are being written. Read More
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We received a strange phone call to seek release of Nathaniel Brunner from prison due to ADHD and "it's not a good fit for him" Read More
The "Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol" submitted a complete proposed law for recreational marijuana in Ohio. It proposes that adults in Ohio can buy and possess up to 71 g of marijuana and grow up to 6 plants per person.   Read More