Q & A On possible Probation Violation for Moving out of State

Question:    I am off probation in 2 weeks after 3  years and I am now being told by a NEW probation officer I was not permitted to live outside of the state for which my previous probation officer gave me permission.  I contacted my attorney who then informed me I would not only be getting off probation but that I was in fact granted permission to leave the state and I have nothing to worry about.  My attorney  has been practicing law for 38 years  so I doubt he would misinform me.  Could my new PO just not have my file or should I be concerned?

Answer:   I would rely on the attorney's advice.    After all, you are paying for it, and it sounds like the permission to live out of state is documented.  Sometimes POs will just say things to "mess with you" or cause mental distress.

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