Q & A: Plea Bargaining OVI to physical control or is it better to seek reckless operation ?

Question:  I was arrested for first offense ovi few weeks ago with 0.96 BAC, the lawyer I hired worked out the deal with prosecutor and I pled guilty to physical control and judge terminate the ALS and I was able to get my license back the same day also got no point on my driver license no jail no alcohol program I paid only the fine around 500$.   Which one is better reckless op or physical control?  Also which one wouldn't have impact on my career I go to school to be health care professional. Thank you in advance for any explanation.

Answer:  Reckless Operation is a moving violation carrying 2 or 4 points on your license, but is not alcohol related.  The points can affect your insurance rates.  Physical Control is a non-moving violation with no points, but is alcohol related.  Which is the "better deal" depends upon who's looking and their standards.  If it's a misdemeanor 4th degree reckless operation, I would suggest that's better for a medical professional because applications sometime ask if you have had an alcohol related conviction, but not reckless operation.

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