Q & A Why was I never arrested for a warrant for a 4th degree felony? Its been 2 years.

Question:   I recently found online i have a warrant for 2925.03A1 trafficking in drugs.  The complaint warrant issued in feb 2013.  I want to know if I should just wait this out and leave state or what I should do. I am back in Ohio but I dont want to go to jail or have a guilty verdict of such a crime on record. I  have no idea of what I supposedly did and dont want to ruffle any feathers if they aren;t searching for me. I need to know what the best thing to do is and what my options are.

Answer:  I recommend you hire an attorney to have the warrant set aside, and then the matter set for an arraignment and bond hearing.  Because this is a non-violent offense, a warrant set aside is often possible.  If you can't afford an attorney to try and have the warrant set aside, you should either turn yourself in at the jail, or try approaching the Judge during normal business hours at the court house.  Once one of these are done, we can work on a defense for the actual charges.

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