Can I get probation for conveyance to a detention facility and not go to prison?

Question:   I'm 36 yr old female attending college who lives on her own with two children.  I have been charged with criminal cases but they have all been DISMISSED.  When charged with this case i did 8 days in the county jail and at my arraignment was released on an OR bond.  In this case when i originally took the marIjuana to the prison I cooperated with the detectives and then charged nearly a yr later.

Answer:  If the cases are dismissed from MUNICIPAL court, they can still be re-filed in the Common Pleas court if you are indicted by a grand jury.   One would have to know the reason the charges are dismissed, and in which court they were dismissed.  I would be surprised if a prosecutor simply dismissed the cases for no reason.  If you are indicted, and convicted, a Felony of the third degree does not carry a presumption of prison, unless you were an employee of the department of corrections.  Then, it carries a mandatory prison sentence.

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