What is the best way to avoid petty theft conviction ?

Question:  I was caught stealing groceries from a Kroger this morning, which added up to $90 or so.  have been previously convicted of petty theft before and since had my records expunged and been on the straight and narrow for a few years now.   I'm soon to be interviewing for is very strict with background checks and will more than likely deny me the job I so desperately need to provide for my soon to be family. 

Answer:  If the case is in a different court than the first offense, you have a clean record, and MAY qualify for a diversion program.  I would not post details online .  The best option is apply for diversion.  Otherwise, seek counsel, either private or public defender, and try for a fine only.   As far as expungements in Ohio, you cannot get a second one if it's for the same offense, so you want to try for a plea to an amended charge such as disorderly conduct.

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