Ohio Prison Reform - Lessons from Norway

What can we do for Ohio Prison Reform?  Take a Lesson from overseas:

I came across an interesting article about how prisons are run in Norway.  Apparently the recidivism rate in Norway is very low, and they take more of a rehabilitative approach than in the United States.  Prisoners are trained in life skills which will help them survive in society once released from prison.  Legislators should take a look at what works when crafting an Ohio Prison Reform bill.   We still have a lot more to do in terms of Ohio Prison Reform, because inmates will be released and have to be educated on how to live a crime free life.

In the 1970s, there were about 8,500 inmates in Ohio prisons.  Now, there are 600 percent more prisoners, over 50,000, but the State population hasn't increased 600 percent.  That means we are locking up more people for as a percentage of the population, including non-violent offenders, drug addicts, and people suffering from mental illness who need treatment.  One of every 175 Ohio citizens is in prison and we are paying over $22.00 per year for each.  If we are spending so much money, we Ohioans should use a program that works.

Here is a link to the article originally published in the Guardian Newspaper in the UK.

Article on the Norwegian approach to Incarceration

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Locked UP - Ohio Prison Reform Needed

Locked UP - Ohio Prison Reform Needed

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