Huge Marijuana Grow Room Client Gets Probation

Client's Huge Marijuana Grow Room Raided by Police

Huge Marijuana Grow Room Client Gets Probation

Huge Marijuana Grow Room Client Gets Probation

Our client's home in Columbus was raided by police after the co-defendant bragged about his huge marijuana grow room to a female bar tender.  Police obtained records from the power company showing high electricity use.  After that, they searched the trash can and found marijuana stems.  That was enough for police to get a warrant to search the entire home, and they found what's depicted in the photo above.   Even though many states have legalized marijuana, it is still illegal in Ohio.

The operation consisted of a hydroponic system using moving halide lamps to grow huge marijuana buds in north Columbus.

This client contacted us because he played a minimal role in the operation, and we were able to get him probation from the Honorable Judge Mark Serrott.  He should be eligible for an expungement three years after he completes his probation for the huge marijuana grow.

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