Columbus Police Sobriety Checkpoints Tonight

Avoid drinking and driving and avoid these sobriety checkpoints tonight Read More
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Huge Marijuana Grow Room Client Gets Probation

Client’s Huge Marijuana Grow Room Raided by Police Our client’s home in Columbus was raided by police after the co-defendant bragged about his huge marijuana grow room to a female bar tender.  Police obtained records from the power comp… Read More
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Kentucky Police Chief Arrested for DUI - Asleep at the Drive-Thru

Kentucky Police Chief falls asleep at the Taco Bell Drive Thru  (from VICE News) This exact situation happened to one of our clients, who was not a police officer.  She fell asleep at the Drive-Thru. Our client’s charge was reduced to “… Read More
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Taser Axon Columbus Police Body Cameras

You Should be Aware of the Upcoming Columbus Police Body Cameras In a hearing this week in front of Judge James Green in the Franklin County Municipal Court, I watched what may have been the first use of Columbus Police Body cameras as evidence in a… Read More
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Franklin County Illegal Arrest Warrant

Toledo Ohio Issued an Illegal Arrest Warrant, Like the Franklin County Illegal Arrest Warrant On November 4, 2014 considering an illegal arrest warrant in State v. Hoffman, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that Toledo Municipal Court used an illegal pr… Read More
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Red Light Cameras - Unconstitutional?

A Brief filed recently in the Ohio Supreme Court on Red Light Cameras asserts that Red Light Cameras violate the confrontation clauses in the Ohio and US Constitutions.  The Brief claims: In the Ohio Constitution, citizens vested judicial power in… Read More
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Ohio Prison Reform - Lessons from Norway

What can we do for Ohio Prison Reform?  Take a Lesson from overseas: I came across an interesting article about how prisons are run in Norway.  Apparently the recidivism rate in Norway is very low, and they take more of a rehabilitative approach th… Read More
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Is Doctor Assisted Suicide Legal in Ohio?

When I read the recent cover of People Magazine about Brittany Maynard, who intends to commit suicide on November 1, 2014 using Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, it reminded me of a client who came to our offices in Columbus, Ohio recently askin… Read More
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How Long Can Alcohol be detected in my system?

Alcohol itself will not be detected for more than 24-48 hours.   If they run an ETG (ethyl glucuronide) test, it can go back 80 hours, but is more costly.    If you are on probation with an alcohol restriction, be aware it may be detected as long… Read More
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What is the best way to avoid petty theft conviction ?

Question:  I was caught stealing groceries from a Kroger this morning, which added up to $90 or so.  have been previously convicted of petty theft before and since had my records expunged and been on the straight and narrow for a few years now.  … Read More
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We received a strange phone call to seek release of Nathaniel Brunner from prison due to ADHD and "it's not a good fit for him" Read More
The "Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol" submitted a complete proposed law for recreational marijuana in Ohio. It proposes that adults in Ohio can buy and possess up to 71 g of marijuana and grow up to 6 plants per person.   Read More