Can I get probation for conveyance to a detention facility and not go to prison?

Question:   I’m 36 yr old female attending college who lives on her own with two children.  I have been charged with criminal cases but they have all been DISMISSED.  When charged with this case i did 8 days in the county jail and at my arr… Read More
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Is there a Certificate of Innocence or Certificate of Acquittal if charges are dropped?

No.  You can obtain a Judgment Entry of Dismissal, or a Prosecutor’s Motion to Dismiss and order granting the Motion.  You would only have a judgment of acquittal if found not guilty by trial.  Even when you win in trial, there is no such th… Read More
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Q & A Why was I never arrested for a warrant for a 4th degree felony? Its been 2 years.

Question:   I recently found online i have a warrant for 2925.03A1 trafficking in drugs.  The complaint warrant issued in feb 2013.  I want to know if I should just wait this out and leave state or what I should do. I am back in Ohio but I dont w… Read More
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What if I Sell a Handgun to a Person under Disability?

I live in Ohio and sold a handgun to my cousin and her boyfriend not realizing they are both under disability. He is facing criminal charges and the gun was seized. Will I get in trouble for this? Answer:  You might.  It depends if the cousin and b… Read More
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Q & A: OVI and underage consumption...... no keys... no a Canoe

Question:   18 year old on a canoe trip with 2 friends. veryone was drinking so the underage consumption is valid. However, the person charged with the OVI was the person in the middle of the canoe that was not rowing.  The person charged with the… Read More
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Q & A: My Daughter, age 20, drank at a party in the afternoon, pulled over 1:20 a.m., refused tests

Question:    She was speeding, not driving erratically, pulled over. Officer states he smelled alcohol, subjected her to 5 sobriety tests, which she passed. She refused the breathylyzer cuz she has been told multiple times “don’t ever b… Read More
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Q & A: Plea Bargaining OVI to physical control or is it better to seek reckless operation ?

Question:  I was arrested for first offense ovi few weeks ago with 0.96 BAC, the lawyer I hired worked out the deal with prosecutor and I pled guilty to physical control and judge terminate the ALS and I was able to get my license back the same day… Read More
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Q & A On possible Probation Violation for Moving out of State

Question:    I am off probation in 2 weeks after 3  years and I am now being told by a NEW probation officer I was not permitted to live outside of the state for which my previous probation officer gave me permission.  I contacted my attorney… Read More
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Felony Aggravated Vehicular Assault charges Amended to Misdemeanors

We recently represented a client who drove the above vehicle and three passengers were seriously injured.  Alcohol and drugs were not involved.  Police filed felony multiple aggravated vehicular assault charges, which were later reduced to misdemea… Read More
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Attorney Wolfe Litigating the Castle Doctrine of Self Defense in Delaware, Ohio

An interesting case is pending in the Delaware Ohio Municipal Court, involving whether a driver may come to the defense of others who are in his car.  In this case, the Defendant was involved in a road rage incident where another driver was tailgati… Read More
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We received a strange phone call to seek release of Nathaniel Brunner from prison due to ADHD and "it's not a good fit for him" Read More
The "Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol" submitted a complete proposed law for recreational marijuana in Ohio. It proposes that adults in Ohio can buy and possess up to 71 g of marijuana and grow up to 6 plants per person.   Read More