Medical Marijuana in Ohio Edging Closer to Reality

Medical marijuana is coming to Ohio. House Bill 523 went into effect on September 8, 2016, and allows Ohioans to legally purchase medical marijuana, as long as they meet certain medical conditions, and receive a doctor’s recommendation. When it… Read More
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Ohio Bitcoin Attorney

Bitcoins are accepted at Wolfe Legal Services according to the market price Read More
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Seal a CSPO & CPO Protection Order

It is extra important for foreigners who are accused in a CSPO to vigorously defend. Foreign citizens should hire an attorney to seek the removal of the data from NCIC so that they are not denied entry to the Untied States. Read More
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Ask the Attorney on WSYX Wednesday

During the two hour period, you can ask the attorney who answers any legal question at no cost, and even receive referrals to other resources in the community. Read More
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Drug Testing: The Eyes Have It

Here's how the pupillometer works for drug testing. First, a baseline reading is done while a person is sober. This is stored for later comparison for when they are suspected of substance abuse. Read More
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Ohio OVI: Police are Drug Experts

With a new Ohio OVI supreme court ruling in effect, the police get more power. The testimony of one officer is now enough evidence in an Ohio OVI case to reach a guilty verdict. Read More
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Can Ohio Lawyers Get Medical Marijuana Legally?

Since Ohio legalized medical marijuana on September 8, 2016, lawyers have been wrestling with what they can and cannot do as it relates to providing professional services to Ohio medical marijuana patients, and the businesses that will serve them. Oh… Read More
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What is Ohio's New Law on Medical Marijuana?

Ohio’s new law on medical marijuana went into effect on September 8, 2016. The law created an advisory committee that will oversee the rules, standards, and procedures for growing and selling marijuana in Ohio. The committee will also establish… Read More
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Backpage Owner Prostitution Sting

Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney article about a prostitution sting expanding to other states. Now itself is being targeted by Police. Read More
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Ohio State Highway Patrol Tweets: Don't Pokemon and Drive!

Pokemon Go. Just when police thought cell phones were distracting enough. The country is crazing over this app game that lets people use their phones to “locate” pokemon all around their cities in important spots. People are addicted to trying to… Read More
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We received a strange phone call to seek release of Nathaniel Brunner from prison due to ADHD and "it's not a good fit for him" Read More
The "Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol" submitted a complete proposed law for recreational marijuana in Ohio. It proposes that adults in Ohio can buy and possess up to 71 g of marijuana and grow up to 6 plants per person.   Read More