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In Ohio, an DUI, legally referred to as a OVI is a serious offense. Wolfe Legal Services has 20 years of experience as a Columbus DUI Lawyer.  If you have charged with DUI or OVI, it is important for you to know your rights. Not knowing your options can cause you lose your license, cost you money, or send you to jail or even prison.   Don’t wait, contact a Columbus DUI lawyer today.

What is an OVI?

What often happens is a police officer observes behavior or driving that indicates you have been drinking.   In Ohio, the term that is used is OVI – Operating a Vehicle under the Influence.   OVI conviction means the government proves you are operating a vehicle while being impaired by alcohol or a controlled substance.   Being in possession or control of a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or a controlled substance In Ohio is known as “physical control.”  A Breath Alcohol Concentration level of .08 or higher can land you in serious trouble.  Taking your narcotic medicines as prescribed or using marijuana even in a state where it’s legal can cost you an OVI days or several weeks later!

There are two types of OVIs. The two types are OVI Impaired and OVI Per Se.

  • OVI Impaired is a charge based on the officer’s subjective opinion that the person is too impaired to drive.  The officer is basing her opinion on factors such as how you were driving, how you pulled over, how you smell, and how you look.
  • OVI Per Se is a charge based on breath test, blood test, or urine test results higher than .08 (by breath) or when a person tests above a certain level in a blood or urine test.

Who needs a DUI  Lawyer?

Many people arrested for an DUI or DUI feel they are already guilty of the crime.   Nevertheless, if you are charged with an DUI, you need to talk to a Columbus DUI lawyer.   Sometimes there is no valid reason for a traffic stop, or proper testing procedures are not followed.   At Wolfe Legal Services, we will aggressively fight for your legal rights.   Some examples of issues that we have raised during DUI cases include:

  •  Was the initial stop legal?
  •  Was the field sobriety test administrated properly?
  •  Did a medical condition or a medication contribute to the events that resulted in an arrest?
  •  Could other conditions have caused the events that led to the arrest
  •  Was the car being “operated?”

Even if you believe you are guilty, please talk to an attorney. An experienced lawyer can help minimize your sentence and give you a fighting chance in court. Criminal defense attorneys help make sure the defendant is represented and given a fair trial.

Why choose Wolfe Legal Services for Your Columbus DUI Lawyer

A respected, trusted attorney, George Wolfe has extensive experience defending the accused. For 20 years, George Wolfe has worked as a criminal defense attorney and has extensive experience with DUI & DUI cases.

At Wolfe Legal Services, we work hard to have our clients’ cases exonerated or the penalties reduced. We will challenge unlawful arrests, faulty tests, and prosecution mistakes to get your case dismissed. If you have been charged with any DUI offense and live in the Columbus Ohio, contact Wolfe Legal Services for a free consultation.


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