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Bitcoins are accepted at Wolfe Legal Services according to the market price Read More
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What is Ohio's New Law on Medical Marijuana?

Ohio’s new law on medical marijuana went into effect on September 8, 2016. The law created an advisory committee that will oversee the rules, standards, and procedures for growing and selling marijuana in Ohio. The committee will also establish… Read More
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When One Dies in Ohio Without a Will

For various reasons, people often forego having a Will prepared which, in turn, means that many people in Ohio die intestate, which is a fancy way of saying that they died without a Will. Read More
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Franklin County Illegal Arrest Warrant

Toledo Ohio Issued an Illegal Arrest Warrant, Like the Franklin County Illegal Arrest Warrant On November 4, 2014 considering an illegal arrest warrant in State v. Hoffman, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that Toledo Municipal Court used an illegal pr… Read More
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Ohio Prison Reform - Lessons from Norway

What can we do for Ohio Prison Reform?  Take a Lesson from overseas: I came across an interesting article about how prisons are run in Norway.  Apparently the recidivism rate in Norway is very low, and they take more of a rehabilitative approach th… Read More
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Is Doctor Assisted Suicide Legal in Ohio?

When I read the recent cover of People Magazine about Brittany Maynard, who intends to commit suicide on November 1, 2014 using Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, it reminded me of a client who came to our offices in Columbus, Ohio recently askin… Read More
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Attorney Wolfe Litigating the Castle Doctrine of Self Defense in Delaware, Ohio

An interesting case is pending in the Delaware Ohio Municipal Court, involving whether a driver may come to the defense of others who are in his car.  In this case, the Defendant was involved in a road rage incident where another driver was tailgati… Read More
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