Are my parents going to get in trouble?

Question:   Recently I invited some friends to my house while my parents were out of the country.  Eventually, alcohol was brought and the party escalated so that there were over 100 people on my property.  Police came.  There were a handful of 18-year-olds that got cited, and maybe over 50 underage consumption citations.  I blew zeros on the breathalyzer, so the only thing I'm being charged with is hosting a party - they called it a Keg Law Violation.  My questions are: What do I say in court?

Answer:  If the parents were unaware of the party and were not home, and they did not supply the alcohol, it is unlikely they will face charges.  I am not familiar with a keg law violation.  I suspect the Prosecutor will have to prove that you knew about the alcohol violations in order for you to be found guilty.  Hopefully you did not make any statements about this to them.  As far as court, you should plead not guilty until you see the evidence against you and seek legal advice as to whether you're eligible for a diversion program.

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