Ohio Guardianship Law Changes Affect Your Rights

Ohio Guardianship Law Changes
Ohio Law now places more power in the hands of guardians

Changes in Ohio Revised Code 2111.50 Expand Guardian Estate Planning Powers

A guardianship is a court-ordered supervision in which a person makes decisions for and acts on for another adult person.

On August 17, 2021, Ohio Guardianship Law (Revised Code 2111.50) became law. The new law broadens Guardian estate planning powers and establishes new protections for people's interests in the estate.  Previously, Guardians could not alter or make estate plans.

The new ORC 2111.50 revised code includes the following Ohio Guardianship Law Changes: 

  • Create, amend and revoke trusts of the property of the estate of the ward that may extend beyond the minority, disability, or life of the ward. 
  • Change beneficiaries of annuities, insurance policies, retirement plans and individual retirement accounts. 
  • Create a transfer on death designation, payable on death designation, survivorship tenancy, joint tenancy, or tenancy by the entities on behalf of the ward. 

The ORC 2111.50 grants Guardians significant additional legal powers. It is important to contact a legal professional for further questions/support.

A guardian may still not make or change a will on behalf of a ward. Refer to the linked new code section for details on the new due process protections.

Contact us at Wolfe Legal Services if you believe the guardianship law changes may affect your rights or those of a loved one.

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