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Strange Phone Call
Nathaniel Brunner, 18
The Columbus Dispatch

This week, we received a strange phone call from an unknown caller to try and have friend released from prison because "prison isn’t a good fit for him." We were told that prison wasn't a good fit for him because he has ADHD. After asking the caller why her friend is in prison, we were told:

"He Murdered Someone"

We found that the caller’s “friend” is Nathaniel Brunner who was found guilty of aggravated murder, attempted murder, felonious assault, and two counts of aggravated robbery in December 2014. At the Ohio State Penitentiary in Youngstown, Brunner is currently serving 33 years for his murder and 45 years for the other crimes consecutively. 

After finding out that it was Nathaniel Brunner who wanted Attorney Wolfe to get him out of prison, we told the person who placed the strange phone call that we were unable to help. Every day is interesting here at Wolfe Legal Services!

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